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Pre-molded straight through/insulation joint
127/220(252)kV Straight through/insulation joint


Rated voltage: 127/220kV
Maximum voltage: 252kV  Cable size: 400mm2~2500mm2
Diameter of body: 230mm Length: about 2500mm
Weight: 100kg  Coaxial cable: optional

Technical data

Partial discharge:  190kV<5pC
Heating cycles:  254kV, 20 cycles, no flashover no breakdown
Partial discharge after heating cycles:  190kV<5pC
Impulse voltage:  1050kV at 10postive and 10 negative
A.C. voltage after impulse:   254kV, 15min
Test for outer protection shell:  Immersion&heating cycles: 1m water, 20cycles 
DC voltage: 20kV, 1min
 Impulse voltage: 47.5kV at each end to ground; 95kV between two ends
Additional A.C. voltage:   460kV, 1min, no flashover no breakdown
Comply with IEC 62067:2001
Routin test: A.C. voltage 318kV, 30min and 190kV<5pC Partial discharge

Please download detailed PDF file of selection guide and technical data to have order choice.

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