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To prevent the unqualified materials into the next processing, we must test and inspect the raw materials to assure the quality of our products.

When supplied materials come into the warehouse, the warehouseman need to check the below items for materials according to the delivery order:
  • The qualification of the materials supplier, qualified or not.
  • The type, size and quantity of supplied materials.
  • The quality certificate of the supplied materials.
  • The good condition of the packing.
  • The batch number of the supplied materials.
  • The damage and qualitative change of the materials.

If all above items can satisfy the requirements, the warehouseman will sign on the delivery order to accept the goods, and hand over the materials to laboratory for testing and inspecting the relative properties of the materials. If any of above items can not up to the requirement, the warehouseman will record the incompliance, and hand over the records to the management of company or the materials supply to deal with.

We have a physical and chemcial laboratory in charege of the raw material fetures for each batch of samples, with advanced equipments to test the tential strength, elongation at break, dielectric strength, volume resistance, oxygen index properties and so on.

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