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We carry on the quality inspection during the whole process of production:

All the products during production need to pass from first inspection till finishing inspection. Self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection are also required during the producing.
After passing the first inspection, the inspector will make a mark on the qualified product; the producing will go on to the next step. Otherwise the operator will find out reason of the defect till pass the first inspection. After passing the first inspection, self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection are required during the producing.The inspector will issue the quality certificate or sign on the inspection records after pass all the inspection processing.

For example: the key taches of heat shrink manufacturing procudures we have strict raw material mix direction during compounding, diameters of inner wall and outer wall, thickness of tubing control during extruding procedures, the dosage of radiation and precise diameters of finished tubing and ratio finished produtcts of  druing the expansion procedures.

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