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There are three main industrial classifications of silicone rubbers: high Temperature Vulcanising (HTV) – Sometimes called heat curable, these are usually in a semi-solid gum form in the uncured state. They require rubber-type processing to produce finished items.
Room Temperature Vulcanising (RTV) – Usually come as a flowable liquid and are used for sealants, mould making, encapsulation and potting. These materials are not generally used as conventional rubbers.Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) – Sometimes called heat curable liquid materials, these materials are processed on specially designed injection moulding and extrusion production equipment.

We make research and development activities focus on the rubber's tential strength, anti-aging, sulfuration, dielectrical, anti-tracking and hardness physical and chemical properties, therefore, an optimized structure design, manufacturing technique and electrical field control achieved to improve the quality and decrese the cost of cable accessorie.

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